How does LawnTicket.com offer so many tickets at such a low price?

A few Reasons:

1. We do not advertise, we rely on word of mouth

2. We keep out overhead to a low, so we can pass the savings on to the customer.

3. We have a large pool of sellers on our website. Competition makes prices go down.

How do I know the tickets are real?

Every Ticket that is sold off of this site is backed by our 100% money back guarantee. We Pre-screen everyone who is listing tickets on our site, and they are all safe retailers to buy from.

What are your hours?

Customer Service: Monday-Friday 10-5pm PST

Order Processing: Monday-Sunday 10-5pm PST

How do I contact MySuiteTickets.com?

You can call us 888-875-9062 or email us at sales@MySuiteTickets.com

What are ticket-fast tickets/Paper tickets?

Ticketfast tickets are tickets that when the original buyer purchased them they selected them to be e mailable (ticketfast). Paperless tickets are tickets where you will have to meet the buyer at the venue to pick them up, this is because the buyer has to be there in person to pick them up with their ID.

Why is there a Service Fee?

Our Service Fees help us guarantee every ticket on the site, it also goes toward the 3-4% service fee from our merchant, helps us to keep the site up to date, and the rest is how we make our money.

What is a ticket broker?

Ticket Brokers should really be thought of as a Ticket Super Shopper... Sounds a bit funny....but that bit of funny can literally save you up to 50% off tickets to your favourite events. Ticket Brokers search high and low to find the best seats at the best prices. Here is a perfect example: Go to Ticketmaster and you can get tickets to the marlin games box seats for $110 each... but if you look at our site you can see those same boxes for $55 each. Why is this?... Its because we sell for those same sellers and their competition... so prices go for real low.

Why are the tickets Above/Below Face value?

When buying tickets on our site please know that tickets MAY be above face value.The price of the ticket may be higher or lower then face because of various factors. What Event is it, is it sold out?, is it a rival team, how long has it been since the person or event has been there, how many tickets are on the market, what is the original face value, when did it go on sale, and How hot is this event?


How do I know that my information is secure?

During the checkout process our site your purchase is secured by Control Scan. If you look in the address bar you will notice that the http is now https , that "s" stands for SECURE. When a connection is secure that means that all of your information is encrypted and can not be seen.

Do you share or sell my info?

WE DO NOT SELL ANY INFORMATION TO ANYONE, ALL OF YOU INFORMATION IS KEPT ON OUR SECURE (128 BIT ENCRYPTION) SERVER. We would only use your information to improve your experience on our site next time.

What type of payment do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, and any Debit/Bank card bearing those names.

Is the price per ticket or for the pair of tickets?

The prices are per ticket

Are the seats together?

They will always be together (unless otherwise stated)

Are there any Returns, Exchanges, or cancellations?

ALL SALES ARE FINAL- If the concert or events has been postponed the tickets will be good for the new date. If the Concert has been completely cancelled allow 5-10 business days to get a refund.

The Game/Event is Within 2 days do I have time for delivery?

We can get something from Washington state at 8pm to New York by 8am the very next day. We offer Overnight Delivery for $20 and Express Saver delivery for $15. Other services will cost additional.

Can you combine shipping on multiple orders?

Yes, we will combine shipping on your multiple orders if it is available.

When will my tickets ship?

Your tickets will ship on or before the Estimated Ship date. If you have any concern please call us

What is your guarantee?

Our Guarantee is that the tickets will be Authentic, Together, and Arrive on Time for the Event...or your money back.

What if my event is cancelled?

if Your event is cancelled we will give you a full refund ( minus shipping, if shipped )

What if my event is Postponed?

If your event is postponed the tickets will be good for the new date

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